The following workshops will take place at KGSWC19:

KOGPIT: First international Workshop on Best Practices for (IoT) Knowledge Graphs.

The role of knowledge for machine understanding of natural phenomena and language has been growing during the last decade. Knowledge Graphs (KGs) have a large number of applications like semantic search, disambiguation of natural language, deep reasoning, machine reading, and text analytics. Additionally KG applied for Internet of Things use cases is an emerging topic, as demonstrated with currently under development. However, the adoption of standards to create KG is not always consistent to make use of the full potential of the Open Web Platform’s ability to link one fact to another. This workshop intends to bring together researchers and practitioners that have faced and addressed the challenge of combining diverse methods for knowledge representations in different domains, and for different tasks with Knowledge Graphs by Linked Data experts with the goal of creating and sharing a set of best practices for generating and maintaining KGs.

This workshop aims at bringing together research and industry communities working on the different aspects of data semantics, and standards-based solutions for the Internet and Web of Things.

More information available here.

WIR 2019: First International Workshop on Semantic and Open Access Institutional Repositories.

The sharing and re-use of research information is becoming an increasingly important aspect of scientific activity. Text publications are traditionally the main way of publishing research output and challenges still exist for their optimal recording and dissemination this workshop is to serve as a forum for experts to present recent results and experiences, establish liaisons with other groups and reflect on the state-of-the-art of metadata, semantic aspects of open repositories and the advancement in Latin America. We want to push forward theory and practice on Semantic and open access Institutional Repositories.

More information available here.