On our website we guarantee online registration for the UCLV 2019 International Scientific Convention. To do this, you will only have to complete the 5 steps detailed below:

  1. Registration by category: You can register up to 6 people per Category in the same process.
  2. Review of the Registration Process: A summary of the prices of the process is shown, detail per person and the total to be paid. In this step, you can review and if you consider, correct any data that is not correct.
  3. Personal Information: You must complete the data for each of the people you register. The data includes: Name, Surname, e-mail, etc.
  4. Payment: Access to a secure site and payment is made through your credit card.
  5. Confirmation: Confirmation of your process is presented and you will also receive via email a message that contains the details of the reservation made and the services included.
Until 05/25/2019 From 05/24/2019
Delegates 238.00 Euros 286.00 Euros
Companions 95.00 Euros 143.00 Euros
Postgraduate student 190.00 Euros 238.00 Euros
Pregrade student 114.00 Euros 167.00 Euros
Commercial Exhibitor 143.00 Euros 143.00 Euros
Non-attendance participant 95.00 Euros 190.00 Euros

Registration includes:

  • For Speakers, Delegates and Exhibitors: Accreditation module / Participation in scientific activities (work sessions, opening and closing activities, lectures) / Access to the Associated Exhibition / Social activities of the official program / Certificate of attendance and author in case of presenting work.
  • For companions: Participation in the opening and closing activities / Access to the Associated Exhibition / Social activities of the Official Program / Allegorical Souvenir to the Convention.
  • For Non-attendance participant: Credential / Certificate of attendance and author in case of presenting work / Allegorical Souvenir Convention.

La Solways Cuba makes all registrations electronically for the UCLV 2019 International Scientific Convention in close collaboration with the Organizing Committee of the event. In order to expedite your reservation procedures and access preferential rates, you can use one of the following registration channels:

Payment conditions

All services associated with the event must be prepaid. Your credit card will be debited 24 hours after your reservation for the amount indicated at the time of reservation. The charge will be made in Euros for the benefit of GESTION HOT. MESO TOURISM. A written confirmation will be sent to you, along with the other details related to the service requested at the time of confirming the reservation. Solways Cuba accepts online payment with Visa or Mastercard credit cards.

The prices of the services for the event may be subject to change, with the exception of cases in which the reservation has been confirmed. All prices quoted in euros. Any relative change in the enrollment category may affect the final price. In the case of changes to an increase in the price / rate, the sum will be paid at the time of the change and will not be effective until now such payment and final confirmation has not been received.
At the time of collecting their accreditation, students must show a document that accredits them.

The payment includes all the services described and confirmed at the time of registration, as well as management fees. Other additional charges such as airport taxes, parking, telephone calls and tips will be handled directly by you and the service provider.

Charges for accreditations made directly in Cuba, will be made in CUC.

Cancel of Registrations:

Those accredited who cannot attend the event will be reimbursed to their credit card the amount of the registration minus 20 Euros for administrative expenses, as long as they inform it with 3 days in advance of having started the congress.